When my son was in preschool he was receiving daily reports that he was misbehaving and I felt helpless. After I started working with Spring she helped me eliminate foods from his diet and introduce new foods and recipes. My son’s behavior and focus improved within a week and his teachers also noticed a huge difference. My son is now 9 years old and enjoys helping cook in the kitchen and chooses healthy foods over unhealthy foods. Spring’s knowledge and advice has helped my family’s health and well being and we are so grateful for her!

Michelle Sturgill

Hi Spring!

I wanted to send you an email to tell you how much I appreciate your products. Besides the cleanse and Moringa which have made me feel great and shed waste, the tea you gave me for pain and swelling has been a blessing at this time of my life. Last week I had a second surgery on my foot. A day after surgery i realized the doctor forgot to put a date on my pain prescription and i wasn’t able to fill it over this weekend. Your blend of tea really helped ease the pain so I could make it to Monday.

Thank you so much for gifting me and my sisters your amazing healing products. Much Love and Light.


Alicia Sixtos
(Actress known as Carmen on the Fosters, also in CSI and movie Avengers)

I was in horrific pain due to several kidney stones. It was on a Friday, and my appointment was on Monday to get the stones zapped out. The pain was so intense that I was doubled over and could not stand up straight, lay or sit down, only standing bend over was somewhat comfortable. Spring brought over a whole pot of Eureka Urethra Tea and I started drinking and kept drinking until the pain subsided. I went to the doctor on Monday to have them zapped out and they were gone! The tea had dissolved them all and I was completely clear.

Jon Bushor
Cape Canaveral, FL

Throughout the last 8 Years Spring Rayne has been working with my son Austen Acevedo. She has helped him in 3 major areas.  Mind, Body and Spirit..

Her coaching, and guidance has improved Austen’s quality of life greatly.

Austen is a professional dancer and trains 40 to 50 hours a week.  With is intense workout regiment and travel schedule, time is very limited.    Spring taught Austen how to self heal using “Reiki” and improved his diet for faster recovery, energy and healing.

Spring is definitely a blessing in our lives.  We love Spring!


Andres “Ace” Acevedo
Public Relations Director
ADC-International Ballet Competition

Spring has given her undivided attention and care to me over the last 8 years. Being a ballet dancer up to 36 hours a week is very intense. Being someone with credentials to maintain, my diet and lifestyle and spiritual well being could not have been done without anyone else other than the amazing Spring Rayne!

Austen Acevedo
Orlando Ballet

“I’ve known Spring and her family for several years and have witnessed their strong commitment to a life of health. She is a walking, talking example. Her knowledge is not solely textbook, but also comes from personal experience in overcoming severe health challenges all through natural strategies in which she reveals in Healthy Family. In her new book Spring shows, in comprehensive detail, how a healthy life can absolutely be synonymous with a fun life! If you’re ready to experience exceptional energy and vitality, then follow her lead!”

Dr. Dan Yachter, DC,DACCP

Spring is a mom in my pediatric practice of holistic functional-alternative medicine. When I first met her, we talked about our mutual desire to help people connect their current state of health with what goes into their bodies every day.

I was never a recipe tester for Spring, but after reading her book, I will be asking her to make up batches of something to share with our patient families.

We talk often about our approaches to working with patient families and our foundational beliefs about food and fitness and I quickly realized that Spring had an intense passion for all good foods. I have found that not only was Spring passionate about the subject, but she was a tenacious experimenter and researcher and rapidly becoming an expert on whole foods. Spring continually builds upon her view of what it takes to be healthy – eating real, whole foods – by delving deeper and deeper into traditional methods of ensuring optimal health.

After reading “Healthy Family, Happy Family, A Fun Approach to Healthy Eating”, you will not only learn about ingredients and the theories behind different recipes, but you will also be walked through the basics for each type of recipe presented. She brilliantly marries the importance of the health benefits of whole foods with fun and delicious recipes that are simple enough to create right in your own home. The often forgotten art and science of home cooking is the easiest and most economical way for us to set ourselves up for better health. Because Spring makes cooking effortless and enjoyable, I know you won’t be able to help embracing it and making it part of your everyday life. While I have a passion for eating and recommending whole foods, I do not have the gift for dissecting and explaining the nitty gritty of it that Spring has.

I am thrilled that she wrote the book and even more thrilled to now have a single guidebook that I can suggest to anyone who asks me nearly anything about whole foods.

Dr. Joseph A. Cannizzaro, MD

Dear Spring,

I want to thank you for your 21 Day Detox Program!
Personally I am not good at getting myself organized to do a healthy program consistently. You’ve made it so simple for us that even I can keep up with it.  I have more energy and feel much clearer mentally from making these changes. I notice that I’m not craving or wanting the foods that used to be my biggest challenges. Inches are decreasing as I stay with this too.

I originally decided to do this program  because I wanted to loose weight for my health. I’m finding that is simply a nice side affect. My body is feeling better all the way around AND the puffiness and fat are decreasing on their own. Along with using this as a detox program I’m fining the book very helpful as a guide to every day healthy food choices. When I’m a little lost in what to eat I go back to the book and choose from there. It seems to be keeping the momentum alive for me in a world where it’s difficult to stick with a healthy plan.

I also LOVE your cookbook Eat Conscious And Be Merry!

Thank you for all that hard work you do to help us find our way back to the healthy version of ourselves.


Taerie Gillan


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