Hands-On Analysis & Assessment

Every sales organization is different. Different goals, different objectives, different strengths, different challenges. We get hands-on to assess your current sales effort. We analyze everything that impacts your sales: processes, goals, systems, strengths, culture, values and challenges. We’ll:

  • Partner with you to define short and long term goals, drivers and obstacles
  • Look at where you are today and where you want to be and create a customized action plan to close the gap
  • Observe your sales team and interview key personnel
  • Facilitate brainstorming and strategy sessions to share results and create solutions
  • Translate company goals into real world behaviors, results and milestones

Sales Playbook

For real and lasting sales success, a Sales Playbook is a MUST-HAVE. A playbook takes your sales organization from pandemonium to productivity by taking the best from your existing sales practices – documented and undocumented – and condensing them down into a system of specific and actionable plays, giving every inside sales professional the secret weapons to sell like your very best. With our Sales Playbook, you will:

  • Capture and document all best practices (even the undocumented ones that your internal experts have tucked away in their heads)
  • Deliver a consistent message
  • Ramp new sales reps to goal faster
  • Provide a model of success for struggling sales reps
  • Be able to repeat and scale
  • Capture more leads and close more deals

Sales Training & Development

Our training and development is a total immersion learning experience. We don’t invest a ton of energy into theory. We want real world results – leads and deals so hot you have to blow on them. We work with your inside sales team to:

  • Develop the insight, skills and momentum they need smoke their sales goals
  • Negotiate and create win-win deals
  • Arm them with real world phone-selling skills
  • Ignite their ability to influence decision makers and make them want what you sell big-time
  • Teach them communication and listening skills so they understand buyers on a deeper level
  • Add value to the buying experience

Sales Coaching

Stand-alone sales training is never enough. It’s important and provides a strong foundation. But if you want to create a smokin’ sales organization, you’ll need more. Insight without action is worthless. Behavior change is key. Without coaching, sales people revert back to doing what they’ve always done. But you’re under fire to make those numbers – and the pressure never stops. You have your hands full – how could you possibly have time to coach and mentor? That’s where we come in. We’ll do one-on-one and group coaching to:

  • Keep the fire going and catalyze your sales team peak performance
  • Help your sales team deliver an exceptional buying experience
  • Support and guide your sales reps to negotiate more profitable, win-win outcomes
  • Help you create ferocious customer loyalty


Training and coaching address skills issues. Consulting fills in all the rest of the gaps. Most specifically that gap between where you are and where you want to be. You have a lot on your shoulders and face major competition for your time and attention. Whether you need expertise or more bandwidth, our consulting service can help you wherever you need it:

  • Sales goals, pipeline and forecasting
  • Performance management
  • Compensation plans
  • Culture
  • Leadership development
  • Operations processes
  • Marketing, messaging and go-to-market strategies
  • Recruiting and on-boarding
  • Change management strategies

The end result?

  • Profitable revenue growth
  • Positive culture shifts and transformation – a committed, inspired culture of performance and loyalty
  • Differentiating, brand-defining client experiences
  • Increased client satisfaction and loyalty