Transmission Services: An automatic transmission uses a computer to select the precise gear to be used without any driver involvement while a manual transmission requires the driver to use a clutch and gear stick to change the gears. Auto Mechanic Shop, Inc. can check and diagnose automatic or manual transmission concerns that you have. Performing proper maintenance to your transmission is crucial to avoid costly repairs. At Auto Mechanic Shop, Inc. we replace your transmission fluid with factory-required fluid for each type of vehicle. Not sure if your transmission needs service?

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Transmission Removal and Replacement:

At Auto Mechanic Shop, Inc. we will diagnose any transmission failures. Provided you are actually in need of a remanufactured transmission unit, we will discuss options with you including accommodating your financial needs as well as discussing warranty options available. One of the biggest factors when investing money for a transmission, is that most vehicle owners don’t understand is, warranties. Auto Mechanic Shop, Inc. will be honest with you about what your plans for the vehicle are and help guide you in options that will suit your needs. Transmissions are a vital component in every vehicle and sometimes costly, one reason we offer no-cost financing for six months.

Clutch Repair Service: A clutch connects the engine to the transmission and allows the engine to keep running when the wheels stop by disengaging it.  When repairing or replacing a clutch it is very important to check the clutch hydraulic system too. It is equally important to replace all the clutch components, not just the clutch disc. All clutches have a flywheel. It is imperative that the flywheel be resurfaced flat again at the time of clutch replacement. Without resurfacing the flywheel flat, you will probably experience premature clutch disc wear and clutch engagement issues. Auto Mechanic Shop, Inc. is one of the few auto repair facilities that can resurface your flywheel in-house, in our own machine shop.  If you have any clutch issues or need a clutch replacement, call us today or schedule an appointment online, or install our easy to use app and book your appointment there.